Insurance Solutions Corporation
Plaistow, New Hampshire

Carmen Maglia and Vito Augusta are the two principals in the agency.  They are located in Plaistow, New Hampshire on the border of Massachusetts in the one of the fastest growing areas in the state of New Hampshire. 

Both were two ex-captive Prudential agents who chose in the mid- to late-80s to go into the P&C business.  They opened an office, hung out a shingle, and then chose to contact carriers for an appointment at their newly created agency.  To no surprise, they did not get any return telephone calls, except for one from a local marketing representative of a carrier who knew about SAN because SAN had set up his wife and another leading direct writer’s wife in business in Keene, New Hampshire.  That agency is still currently a SAN member.

This was an agency in which its principals had no real P&C background, they were life and financial services and were very successful, and both over the last few years, were in the management end of the Prudential.

After several meetings, and at that time during very hard market conditions, SAN chose not to appoint the agency.  Both principals chose not to leave, and clearly stated that if they did not convince SAN to appoint them they would be out of business.  Effectively, SAN did appoint the agency; they have been with us since 1987 and continue to operate a very successful independent insurance agency.  They are our largest agency created from scratch, and currently write 6.5 million dollars in written premium.

The agency now has many direct company appointments and only utilizes Access Plus for any additional quotes they may need.  They continue to be a great supporter of SAN and SIAA, and because of where they came from, understand the importance of being part of something bigger than themselves. 

As you can note, even though the market conditions were difficult, it was very difficult to get an appointment with a company for Carmen for Vito when their location was on ‘shady lane’. 

It is obvious that without the SIAA concept, this agency would not have been created at all.