Do Renters Need Insurance?

Why Renters Don't Buy Insurance

People are renters for different reasons. Regardless whether renting is because of financial necessity or a lifestyle preference, renters often decide that insurance isn't necessary. Renters frequently choose not to insure for reasons such as:

Busting Renters Insurance Myths

The only thing true about the above reasons for not getting renters insurance is that they can cause real misery from an uninsured loss. Renters need to consider the following:

What about being sued?

Renters who don't carry insurance should remember that they also need protection for their legal obligations to others. What if you're on a softball team with your friends and you smash a line drive into the face of another player? Emergency treatment and cosmetic surgery is expensive.

If you rent and you don't have insurance…then you have a very good reason for contacting an insurance professional to get you covered….now!

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