Can someone explain these homeowners coverages?

Part Two

Here we continue our brief discussion of typical coverages found in a homeowner policy. Be sure to see Part One of this topic.

In Part One, we discussed the homeowner policy's main sections for protecting the buildings and structures you may own (and which are used for residential purposes).. In Part Two, we discuss coverages D, which is also a property coverage; as well as coverages E and F which involve injuries to people. Coverage D--Loss of Use

This provides reimbursement for the cost of additional living expenses while your home is being repaired due to a covered cause of loss. Additional expenses normally include food, housing, and transportation. However, the expenses must exceed what your family normally incurs. Coverage E--Personal Liability

This section provides coverage if you are found legally liable for causing property damage or physical injury. Protection includes paying for your defense costs and any resulting judgment for covered incidents. Check with your agent for specific coverages since certain incidents are excluded from coverage. Coverage F--Medical Payments

This coverage provides immediate rapid reimbursement for small injuries to guests in your home. This coverage does not apply to resident members of the family. For example, if your child and your neighbor's child are both slightly injured while playing and need to go to the emergency room, this coverage will pay for your neighbor's expenses but not for your own child. Keep in mind that most coverages are subject to a deductible and have conditions and exclusions.

This is a brief overview of homeowners insurance. All of the coverage provided by the homeowners policy is subject to various limitations such as exclusions, policy limits, basis of coverage and deductibles. Further, the policy has a number of other conditions and duties which affect coverage. It's important that you discuss the details of coverage and any other insurance questions with your insurance agent. If you missed it, please read Part One of this topic which covers other typical homeowner coverages.

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