Contractors or Cons?

Your home may be destroyed by a fire or storm. You’re scrambling around to get your lives and routines back in order and you may think that things couldn’t get worse. Well, they can and often do because of people who can’t spell contractor without c-o-n.

The period after a serious loss is hectic, emotional and disorienting. Your major concern is to get your home repaired or rebuilt. These elements make you very vulnerable to "CONtractors," people who specialize in victimization instead of construction. While you may be in a hurry to restore your loss, it is critically important to avoid persons who appear on your damaged doorstep offering to start construction. While managing a loss, think of taking precautions such as the following in order to avoid compounding your problems:

Keep in touch with an insurance professional during such trying times. They’re already committed to providing genuine help.

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