Can You Give Me An Example?

Today, communication can be performed faster, more efficiently and more conveniently than ever before…but we all still struggle with communicating effectively. In many respects our true accomplishment has been to spread confusion at cyber speed. One thing that remains the same, regardless of technology, is the need to be sure that the people who receive our message understand it as well. However, when people get together, the speaker often takes it for granted that the listener understands, even when the topic is complex. Fortunately there is a technique that we can borrow from early mankind to aid our communication efforts…storytelling.

While it's common to see short stories or examples used in training, schools and textbooks; examples are rarely used in important business discussions; particularly insurance discussions. Any person who wants to understand their policy needs, coverages and exclusions, should just ask for examples. Insurance policies are contracts and, like other legal documents, can be complex and confusing. Often an illustration is more useful than an overly detailed discussion of policy language. Instead of trying to dissect how one clause modifies or makes exception to another, ask the speaker if they can demonstrate their point.

A person who can create a good example is someone who has a thorough understanding of his subject and that understanding can be passed along to the listener. The listener often appreciates the work it takes to create examples and this can ease future communication. So take an active role whenever you communicate with an insurance professional and ask: Can you give me an example?

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