How Can I Be My Own Loss Control Manager?

What Is Loss Control?

Of course you are familiar with insurance, but are you aware that insurance is just one of a variety of methods for controlling your personal exposure to loss? Insurance is a method of loss control. Loss control is important because your personal environment is filled with opportunities where losses can occur. Most folks would like to minimize their chance of suffering a significant loss. The process of identifying and acting upon situations which may lead to losses is called "loss control."

Loss control may involve both simple and complex ways to reduce the likelihood of facing a loss. Besides insurance, you can choose to use protective devices, oral or written contracts to shift the responsibility for a loss, avoid ownership of items that may cause a loss (such as large pets), avoid dangerous hobbies and activities, or change your environment. Let's look at some areas where you might exercise loss control. Loss Control With Your Automobile

Loss Control In Your Home Miscellaneous Loss Control

Of course the help of an expert is invaluable and your insurance agent is a very helpful source for reviewing any actions you're considering to reduce your chances of facing a loss. So contact your agent for his or her expert assistance.

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