Here is a list of some of the SIAA members.  The names that show up in red should have a hyperlink to the agency's website.  Look at a few of these websites.  Find an agency that looks about the same as yours, and give the agency a call.  See how they like the SIAA program.

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This year SIAA is adding at least one new member Agency every working day..........



A & A Insurance Services, LLC  (WY)
A & L Insurance Services LLC  (MD)
A&K Fowler Insurance Agency  (MA)
A. Complete Auto Insurance Agencies, Inc.  (CO)
A.E.O. Insurance Services  (MD)
A.R. Bibb & Associates  (MI)
A.R. Bucci Insurance Agency, Inc.  (RI)
A-1 Insurance Pros  (NY)
AAFS, L.L.C.  (MD)
Abbey's Financial Advisory Services  (NJ)
A-Best Insurance Agency Marketing Group  (WI)
Able Insurance Agency, LLC  (NH)
Ab's Insurance, Inc.  (MI)
ABZ Insurance Agency, Inc.  (RI)
ACA Insurance Services  (VA)
Access Insurance Corporation  (FL)
Acoma Insurance Professionals  (AZ)
Advantage Financial Insurance Services, Inc.  (NJ)
Affinity Insurance Partners, LLC  (CO)
Affordable Insurance & Service Center  (PA)
Ag Crop Insurance Agency, LLC  (Tx)
Agency One Weaver Insurance Services, Inc.  (AZ)
AIC-Sun Belt Group, Inc.  (TX)
Alexander Insurance Agency Inc.  (NY)
All American Agency  (OK)
All American Insurance  (NE)
All American Insurance, LLC  (ID)
All Connecticut Insurance Brokers, LLC  (CT)
All Star Insurance  (VA)
Allen Insurance Agency, Inc.  (CO)
Alliance Brokerage Firm  (NJ)
Alliance Insurance Corporation  (CT)
AllRite Insurance Agency  (MD)
Alpha Omega Coverage Corp.  (NY)
Amadio Insurance Agency  (NH)
Amalgamated Insurance Services Inc  (MD)
American Casualty Agency LLC.  (WI)
American Financial Center, Inc.  (KY)
American Insurance Services Agency, Inc.  (NJ)
Antelmi, Fusco & Cazzola, Inc.  (NY)
Appletree Insurance Inc.  (NH)
Armonia Brokerage  (NY)
Arnold & Arnold, Inc.  (CO)
Aronov Insurance, Inc.  (AL)
Associated Agencies, Inc.  (IN)
Associated Insurance Specialists LLC  (WI)
Association Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Assured Insurance Agency  (VA)
AssureSouth  (SC)
Auto Insurance Group Inc. dba Insurance Connection  (RI)
Autry Insurance Service Company  (NC)
Baglaneas Insurance Agency  (MA)
Bailey & Haskell Associates, Inc.  (NY)
Bamford Insurance Agency  (NH)
Banach & Toomey, Inc.  (NY)
Barber-Cooke Agency  (NY)
Barry L. Baker   (KY)
Bayland Insurance Group  (WI)
Beach and Associates, Inc  (Fl)
Beatrice Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NE)
Behling/Morse Insurance Agency, Inc.  (UT)
Ben Barker Agency, LLC  (MT)
Berger Insurance Services, Inc.  (FL)
Berta Becerra Insurance Agency  (MD)
Best Insurance Services Inc.  (MI)
Best Rates Insurance Group  (CT)
BGI, Inc.  (WA)
Big Rapids Insurance + Financial, Inc  (Mi)
Big Sky Insurance Associates, LLC  (MT)
Bill Bain Insurance Services  (CA)
Blackman Insurance Agency  (NC)
Blair Insurance Service  (FL)
Bluegrass Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Bluestone Brokerage  (VA)
Bosquett & Company  (MI)
Bourque & Knight Insurance Agency  (MA)
Bozeman Independent Insurance, Inc.  (MT)
Brazier Insurance Agency  (NY)
Breckinridge Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Brennan Agency, LLC  (AL)
Brent A. Pinkerton Agency  (FL)
Brier Grieves Agency  (FL)
Brinson Agency  (IN)
Brochu Insurance Agency Inc.  (MA)
Browning Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Brownsville Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Broyhill Insurance Agency  (VA)
Bruce Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MS)
Buckley Bridge Insurance Agency, Inc.  (CT)
Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.  (AL)
Business Insurance Specialists, Inc.  (CO)
Butler Insurance Associates, LLC  (CT)
Butz-Hacker Company, Inc.  (PA)
Bux-Mont Insurance & Financial Services  (Pa)
Byfield Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
C. V. Feller Insurance Agency, Inc.  (WV)
Calhoon & Cooke Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Calvert & Nunn Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Cambridge Underwriters Ltd.  (MI)
Campbell Insurance Specialist  (MI)
Cariello Insurance  (AZ)
Carlen-McCawley Insurance, LLC  (TN)
Carmar Insurance Agency, Inc.  (CA)
Carolina Insurance Group, Inc.  (NC)
Carter Insurance Agency  (KY)
Carter Thompson, Inc.  (GA)
Cedar Insurance Agency  (OH)
Centennial Insurance Group, Inc./Carter Insurance  (CO)
CGW Insurance/ Investments, Inc.  (WI)
Chandler-Sampson Insurance Inc  (MS)
Chappell Insurance Agency  (WV)
Charles Phykitt Insurance Agency  (MA)
Cherie Smith Insurance Agency  (OR)
Choices Insurance and Financial Services  (FL)
Chris Townsend Agency  (GA)
Citizens Insurance and Bonding  (NC)
Clabough & Associates  (TN)
Client Choice Insurance-Financial Services  (FL)
Clifford P. Beauvais Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Cloutier Insurance Agency  (MA)
CNG Insurance Agency LLC  (NY)
Cochrane, Flynn & LoTempio  (NY)
Cochrane, Flynn & LoTempio  (NY)
Coda Insurance Group, LLC. dbaThe Insurance Place  (NJ)
Cogswell Agency  (MT)
Cole Insurance Agency  (TN)
Comegys Insurance Agency, Inc.  (FL)
Commercial Insurance Planning  (NC)
Commercial West Insurance Agency  (NM)
Complete Insurance, Inc.  (MD)
Connolly, Ford, Bower & Leppert, Inc.  (IN)
Cook Financial & Insurance Group  (GA)
Corey Agency Inc.  (NY)
Cornerstone Insurance Agency  (NY)
Costin Insurance Agency, Inc.  (FL)
Craig Insurance Group, LLC  (MI)
Cranman & Company, Inc.  (GA)
Crosby & Henry, Inc.  (MI)
Cunningham Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
D.F. Dwyer & Associates, LLC  (RI)
Daniel F. A. Palmieri  (NY)
Daniel J. Bates Insurance Agency Inc.  (MA)
David L. Seamon/ Richard L. Moore & Associates, LL  (WV)
David M. Fishbein Agency  (CT)
David W. Luce Insurance  (MA)
Davis & Associates, Inc.  (AL)
Davis, Clark & Latham Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Dean Michael d/b/a Action Capital Insruance Agency  (NY)
Debra A. Jones  (NY)
Delaney Insurance, LLC  (KY)
DelBuono, Dicks & Delluomo, Inc.  (NY)
Diamond Eagle Agency, Ltd., LLC  (CT)
DiStefano Insurance Services  (OH)
Don Schaeffer Insurance  (NC)
Doug Gordon Insurance Services  (KY)
Dougherty Insurance Group Inc  (PA)
Douglas Preston dba The Insurance Network  (NH)
Drinkle Agency, Inc.  (WY)
Duchess Inc. dba Sava Insurance Group  (CT)
Dunahoe Insurance Agency, Inc.  (Tx)
DWS Insurance Consultants  (PA)
Dyal-Johnson Insurance, Inc  (FL)
E & A Insurance Services  (MI)
Eclipse Insurance Agency LLC  (WI)
Ed Harlukiewicz Insurance & Financial Services  (NY)
Ed Jones Insurance Agency  (FL)
El Valle Insurance Agency Inc.  (NM)
Elaine Stoner dba Stoner Insurance Agency  (MA)
Elite Insurance Agency  (SC)
ELP, Inc. dba Pavel Insurance Agency  (NE)
Energy Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Excelsior Group  (NY)
Exchange Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
F. E. Massey-Realtor Inc.  (KY)
Fansher Stone & Hess, Inc.  (OK)
Farley-Wolf Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NE)
Farm Country Insurance, Inc.  (VT)
Financial Insurance Services Inc.  (NH)
First Financial Network, Inc.  (MI)
Fitzgerald-Rinkus Insurance Agency  (MA)
Five Presidents' Financial  (MD)
Florida Commercial Underwriters  (FL)
Forbes-Troxel Insurance Agency, Inc.  (TX)
Forsythe & Associates, Inc.  (KY)
Francis J. Berube Insurance Agency  (MA)
Frazao Insurance Agency LLC  (CT)
French Cline Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Gadberry & Associates, Inc.  (IN)
Gandy Select Insurance Inc.  (NM)
Garner Insurance  (AL)
Gauley Insurance Agency  (WV)
General Agency Corporation  (CO)
Geoffrey R. Spear  (ME)
George Burkle, Inc.  (NY)
George N. Reynolds dba Reymac Ins.Group  (MI)
GIA Group, LLC  (CO)
GIA Insurance Agency  (MD)
Gilmore Insurance & Bonding, Inc  (Fl)
Giroux & O'Neill Insurance LLC  (CT)
Gladstone Insurance Agency, Inc.  (Oh)
Gold Canyon Insurance Agency  (AZ)
Golden Green Insurance, Inc.  (SC)
Gonder Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MD)
Goodman Insurance Services, Inc.  (IN)
Gosselin Insurance Agency  (NH)
Greater Washington Financial Group  (VA)
Greene Insurance Agency, Inc.  (GA)
Greenway Insurance Agency  (TN)
Greer Insurance Agency  (KY)
Gregory Insurance Group, Inc.  (FL)
Guilford Insurance Brokers, Inc.  (NC)
Gutekunst Agency  (NY)
H. B. W. Insurance Group, Inc.  (MD)
Hamilton Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Hanover Agency, Inc.  (NH)
Harf Insurance Agency  (MD)
Harrington & Associates  (AZ)
Harvey Sarles Insurance  (IN)
Haskins-Schmidt Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Hatton-Allen Insurance Agency  (KY)
Hayes Insurance Agency  (Al)
Haywood Insurance Services, Inc.  (NC)
Hertvik Insurance Agency, Inc.  (OH)
Hess Insurance Agency  (PA)
Hocker Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
HomeBuilders Insurance Group, Inc.  (MD)
Hooker & Associates  (GA)
Hugh Taylor Insurance  (NM)
Hunt Group, LLC  (CT)
Hyland, Block & Hyland, Inc.  (KY)
IBN Insurance Brokerage  (NY)
Ideal Insurance, Inc.  (FL)
Immanuel Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NH)
Imperial Insurance Services, LLC  (MD)
Independent Associates  (MD)
Ingram Insurance Agency, Inc.  (WV)
InsCal Insurance Services  (CA)
Insur-All, Inc.  (AZ)
Insurance and Financial Solutions IFS Group Inc.  (NC)
Insurance Associates Plus Agency, Inc.  (NJ)
Insurance Exchange, Inc.  (NM)
Insurance of the Rockies  (CO)
Insurance Options  (PA)
Insurance Options, Inc.  (NH)
Insurance Plus  (NM)
Insurance Resources, LLC  (FL)
Insurance Savers Agency  (NH)
Insurance Services  (Mi)
Insurance Services of Helena, Inc.  (MT)
Insurance Solution of the Rocky Mountains, Inc.  (CO)
Insurance Solutions Corporation  (NH)
Insurance Solutions Network  (PA)
Insurance Unlimited, Inc.  (IN)
Insurance USA  (MD)
Insurance West  (MT)
Insurance World Agency, Inc.  (IL)
Integrity Insurance & Investments, LLC  (CT)
Interstate Insurance Agency of MD  (MD)
Irvin Insurance Services, Inc.  (OH)
Irwin Agency, Inc.  (MI)
iSource  (OH)
J Lion Insurance Group Inc  (PA)
J. L. Davis Insurance  (PA)
J. Williams Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
J.A. Reaney Agency  (PA)
J.M. Doherty Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
J.W. Potts Insurance Agency  (WV)
Jack Ferrell Insurance  (KY)
Jalan Enterprises dba Omnisure, Inc.  (KY)
James A.Thompson dba Weare Insurance  (NH)
James B Beerer Agency  (PA)
James C Hassell Agency, Inc  (NC)
James Lombardo  (NY)
James M. Swain & Associates, Inc.  (GA)
James O'Connell Insurance Agency  (MA)
Jane Dawkins Agency  (TN)
Jerry Noland dba Noland Insurance Agency  (KY)
Jesse T. Reese, Inc.  (SC)
Jill S. Tucker  (CA)
Jim Rogers & Associates  (OH)
Joan K. Goad Agency, Inc.  (MD)
John C. DelBuono Inc.  (NY)
John H. Sulyma Inc.  (RI)
John Stone Agency, Inc.  (MS)
Jones & Ragland Insurance LLC  (AL)
Jones-Woolfolk Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Jose A Pacheco Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Joseph R. McNamara Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
K.L. Smith Agency, LLC  (CT)
Kemp Insurance Agency  (OH)
King & Cushman, Inc.  (MA)
Kingsport Development Company Insurance, Inc.  (TN)
Kloppenburg Insurance, Inc.  (IN)
Knapp General Agency  (AZ)
Knapp Insurance Agency  (MT)
Koefod Insurance Agency  (MT)
Koenig Agency, Inc.  (NY)
Koke & Company Insurance  (NY)
Kurit & Abrams Insurance Services, Inc.  (FL)
KWS Associates  (WI)
L. P. Anthony Insurance, Inc.  (GA)
L.J. Stein & Company, Inc.  (NY)
L.M. Van Insurance Agency  (MA)
L.W. Legge Insurance Agency, Inc.  (TN)
Laake Financial Services, Inc.  (FL)
Lachapelle & Higgins Insurance, Inc.  (NH)
Lacy West Thomas Insurance Agency  (NC)
LaGrange Insurance Services, Inc.  (KY)
Laketa Hatfield dba Perry & Lloyd Insurance  (KY)
Landmark Planning Group, Inc.  (NY)
Larry White & Associates  (FL)
Lawrence Associates Agency Inc  (NY)
LeBaron & Carroll, LSI, Inc.  (AZ)
Leid Financial Group, Inc.  (CO)
Lekvold & Associates, Inc.  (MT)
LeRose Insurance Agency  (WV)
Lifetime Financial Solutions dba Johnson Ins Agenc  (FL)
Light House Insurance Agency  (MD)
Lockwood Agency Inc  (NY)
Long Island's Home Grown Insurance Agency  (NY)
Loughlin Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
LR Frank & Associates, Inc.  (NY)
M & J Insurance Services, Inc.  (KY)
M&M Agency, Inc.  (NJ)
M. W. Wren & Associates, Inc.  (FL)
Madison Insurance Agency, Inc.  (WV)
Madisonville Insurance Agency  (TN)
Marb Maracallo  (NY)
Marc Alkes Insurance Agency  (MA)
Mark D. Johnson Insurance  (NC)
Marks Insurance Agency, Inc.  (FL)
Marta's Insurance Agency  (MA)
Martin Insurance Agency  (TN)
Martin Shults A Plus Insurance Agency  (NY)
Maryland Insurance Agency  (MD)
Maryland Surety Services  (MD)
Masiello Insurance Agency  (NH)
Masiello Insurance of Peterborough (H.E.K. Corp.)  (NH)
Massachusetts Brokers Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Maximum Insurance Services, Inc.  (VA)
McBriarty Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NH)
McDermott Insurance Brokers, Inc.  (DC)
McGoldrick Insurance Agency  (PA)
McGriff & Williams Insurance Agency  (FL)
Mercedes Insurance Brokerage  (NY)
Merchants Casualty Insurance Services  (WI)
Meriwether Agency Inc.  (AL)
Metro Business Center  (NY)
MGM Associates of Rochester  (NY)
Michael J. Cuoco dba Clinton Insurance Center  (CT)
Michael W. Southcott Agency  (NY)
Michigan League Ins Project for Nonprofit Inc  (MI)
Michigan Underwriters & Advisors  (MI)
MicNicaly Ins LLC dba Gagne & Dager Insurance  (NH)
Mid American Insurance - Norwalk  (OH)
Midwest Ins.Underwriters and Advisers Agency LLC  (MI)
Mikel's Insurance Services  (CA)
Millcreek Insurance Agency  (WV)
MK Sullivan Insurance Agency Inc.  (MA)
Monument Insurance Services, Inc.  (MD)
Morse - Price Insurance Service  (NC)
Most Insurance Agency  (FL)
Mountain Insurance Group, Inc.  (VT)
Multi-Line Insurance Agencies of Kentucky, LLC  (KY)
Nation Insurance  (FL)
National Commercial Insurance & Surety Specialists  (AZ)
Nettleton Insurance Agency  (IL)
Network Insurance Brokerage  (MA)
Niceville Insurance Agency, Inc.  (FL)
Nichols Financial Services  (NY)
North Country Insurance Agency  (NY)
North Wyoming Insurance, Inc.  (WY)
Northern Assurance Specialists  (NH)
Northern Kentucky Insurance Group, LLC.  (KY)
Northern Kentucky Insurance Group, LLC.  (KY)
Obrey Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NH)
O'Daniel Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MI)
Oklahoma Business Insurors Agency, LLC  (OK)
Old Harbor Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Oliverio Financial Services, LLC  (WV)
O'Neill Insurance Agency  (MD)
Palmer Insurance Inc.  (NH)
Paris-Kirwan Associates, Inc.  (NY)
Park City Insurance Group, LLC  (CT)
Parkway Insurance Service, Inc.  (NC)
Parkway/Westfall Insurance Group  (VA)
Partners Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.  (AZ)
Patterson & Associates  (NC)
Paul D. Labonte Insurance Agency  (MA)
Paul Jellison Agency  (TX)
Paul T. Murphy Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Pelham Insurance Company  (GA)
Pennsylvania Insurance Warehouse  (PA)
Penny Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NC)
People's Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
Perry Hunter Hall  (TX)
Phil Robertson dba Robertson Insurance Service  (IN)
Pinnacle Insurance Group, Ltd.  (MD)
Plymouth Insurance Advisors LLC  (MI)
PM Insurance Services, LLC  (NC)
Podmaska Insurance Agency, Inc.  (RI)
Poole & Jackson Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MI)
Premium Insurance Agency, Inc.  (ny)
Prey Insurance Services LLC  (WI)
Prins Insurance, Inc.  (IA)
Prins Insurance, Inc.  (SD)

Program Risk Management, Inc.  (NY)
Prysock & Associates  (MI)
Quality Insurance Agency  (WV)
Quesnel Agency Inc.  (VT)
Quest Insurance Agency Inc.  (MI)
Quest Insurance Service  (MD)
R. P. Wheeler Insurance Agency  (NY)
Ramsey Insurance Agency, Inc.   (WV)
Rapo & Jepsen Insurance Services  (MA)
Ray Mulkey Insurance, Inc.  (NC)
Reagle & Padden, Inc.  (WV)
Redman Group, Inc.  (AZ)
Resource Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.  (LA)
Richard B. Ryon Insurance  (PA)
Richard D. Brown Agency, Inc.  (WV)
Richard L. O'Neal Insurance Agency  (NJ)
Rifle Insurance Agency  (CO)
Rigdon Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
RLS Insurance, Inc.  (IN)
Robert O. Hampton Agency Inc dba Cassidy & Rofrano  (NY)
Robert P. Virta Insurance  (MA)
Rocky Mountain Insurance Agency  (MT)
Royko-Charamut Insurance, LLC  (CT)
Rudy M. Brown Insurance Agency  (KY)
Russell G. LeBlanc Insurance Agency  (MA)
Ryan Insurance, Inc.  (KY)
S. Martin Johnson & Associates, Ltd.  (NY)
Sabato Agency, Inc.  (NJ)
Sarah Insurance Services, Inc.  (RI)
Schatz Insurance, Inc.  (IN)
Schillinger & Schillinger  (MI)
Schlitt Insurance Services, Inc.  (FL)
Schwartz Brothers Insurance Agency  (IL)
Scott Insurance Group, Inc.  (KY)
Seashore Insurance and Associates, Inc.  (NC)
Security Capital LLC (Formerly Fairbetter & Martin  (TN)
Security Management Services Inc.  (NY)
Select Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
Selewski Underwriters Inc.  (MI)
Selk Family & Business Insurance  (NY)
Service Insurance Agency, Inc.  (TN)
Shildneck & Associates Insurance Services LLC  (CT)
Shutts Agency, Inc.  (NY)
Sid G. Spear & Co., Inc.  (NY)
Slade Hancock Insurance Agency, Inc.  (GA)
Smith Insurance Agency  (OH)
Sneeden, Melton & Associates, Inc.  (NC)
Soderberg Insurance Services, Inc.  (MA)
Sonu Insurance Agency  (GA)
South Florida Commercial Insurance Planners  (FL)
Southeastern Insurance Services, LLC.  (NC)
Southeastern Insurance, LLC  (AL)
Sovereign Insurance Group  (TX)
Sovereign Insurance Group / Cuave Insurance  (LA)
Sowell Insurance Agency, Inc.  (GA)
Specialty Risk Inc.  (SC)
Spivey Insurance Agency, Inc.  (TX)
Standard Insurance & Realty  (NC)
Stearns Insurance Agency  (NM)
Sterling Whitman Insurance Services, LLC  (AZ)
Steve Berry Agency  (CT)
Stewart Ltd. Insurance Management  (NH)
Stewart Short Insurance Services, Inc.  (GA)
Stoess, Nethery & Associates, Inc.  (KY)
Stovers Insurance & Financial Services, LLC  (WV)
Strategic Planning Associates, Inc.  (FL)
Styer Insurance Agency, Inc.  (PA)
Summit Coverages, Ltd.  (NY)
SunKey Insurance Store, Inc.  (FL)
T. Young Agency, Inc.  (NY)
Taggart Insurance Center, Inc.  (IN)
Tampa Bay Insurance Services, LLC  (FL)
Taylor & Associates, Inc.  (KY)
Taylor, Turner & Hartsfield  (GA)
Tecumseh Insurance Agency, Inc.  (OK)
The Adams Agency, LLC  (AZ)
The Baldwin Agency, Inc.  (GA)
The Barber Agency  (FL)
The C. Lavieri Agency, Inc.  (CT)
The Couture Agency  (NY)
The Covenant Insurance Group   (AL)
The Eagle Agency LLC  (NY)
The Insurance Center  (MI)
The Insurance Office, Inc.  (NC)
The Insurance Place, LLC  (KY)
The Insurance Store, Inc.  (WV)
The Insurcare Group, Inc.  (FL)
The Kane Group, Inc.  (CT)
The Lewis Agency  (WV)
The Lewiston Insurance Agency  (NY)
The Mar-Rian Group LLC  (MI)
The McLaughlin Company  (DC)
The Meade Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
The Mobley Group, Inc.  (MI)
The O'Brien Insurance Group, Inc.  (KY)
The Rollins Agency, Inc.  (NY)
The Surety Bonding Agency, Inc.  (Tx)
The Tassey Group Ins. and Financial Services, Inc.  (NH)
The Tingo Insurance Agency, Inc.  (NY)
The Tower Insurance Group, Inc.  (GA)
The Vantage Group, Inc.  (MS)
The Videre Insurance Agency LLC  (CT)
The Walker Agency  (NM)
The Wannamaker Agency, Inc.  (SC)
The Williams Agency, Inc.  (MS)
Thomas S. Deihl, Inc.  (PA)
Thornsberry Insurance Agency Inc.  (KY)
Tim Schwartz Agency, Inc.  (MI)
Tompkinsville Insurance Agency  (KY)
Tozzo Insurance Associates, LLC  (CT)
Tracey Mills Insurance  (TN)
Tri-State Insurance Service, Inc.  (TN)
Tucker Insurance Services, Inc.  (WV)
Tune Insurance Center  (TN)
Turner Insurance and Investments  (GA)
Uniforce Insurance Service  (MI)
Universal Life Insurance Agency Inc.  (KY)
Unrein Insurance Agency  (AZ)
V. Keith Seibert Insurance Agency  (FL)
Valentine Agency  (NY)
Valley Insurance Partners, LLC  (MD)
Van Den Heuvel & Fountain, Inc.  (NJ)
Van Lierop Insurance Services Inc dba Vaughn Insur  (Fl)
Vanguard Risk Managers  (NY)
Vaughn Insurance Agency, Inc.  (FL)
Vielleux Insurance Agency  (MT)
Vihi, Inc.  (PA)
W. T. Burns Agency  (NY)
W.H. Smith Insurance Agency  (GA)
Walden Insurance Network, Inc.  (FL)
Watson Insurance, Inc.  (IN)
Wayne Eppler Insurance Agency  (TX)
Wayne Syring Insurance, Inc.  (WI)
Wayne W. Weisner Insurance, Inc.  (FL)
Weaver Insurance Corp  (PA)
Whitford Insurance Agency  (NC)
Whitt Insurance Agency, Inc.  (KY)
William D. Hubbard dba Seacoast Ins. Associates  (NH)
Williams & Graves, Inc.  (NY)
Williams & Humphrey Insurance Agency, Inc.  (OK)
Wise Insurance Agency  (CA)
Woodhome Insurance Group, Inc.  (MD)
Wright Insurance Agency  (TX)
Wyma Insurance Center  (MI)
York Insurance Agency  (NE)
Young Insurance Agency, LLC  (WA)
Zemaitis/Baker Insurance Agency, Inc.  (MA)
Zirilli & Associates Insurance Agency  (PA)

When the SIAA business plan is complete there will be about 9000 member agencies.

There are approximately 38,000 to 40,000 agencies in the United States, ONE IN FOUR will be an SIAA member.



(This list is from the website)

Copyright 2002 SIAA Partners, 301 Main St, Sanborn, IA 51248

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