Hull Maynard Insurance Agency
Rutland, Vermont

The principal of the agency is Hull Maynard, and when he joined SAN in 1994 he was 62 years old.  His agency has been around for many years and he has been fighting the battles with the carriers and producers for all of those years as well.

The agency also has Hullís daughter involved, who has been with the agency for approximately two or three years in personal lines.   Hullís objective was to eventually retire and perpetuate the agency completely to his daughter.  To do that it was clear, although his agency had good market representation, he needed something more to make sure that his daughter did not have to face all the problems that he had in building his agency. 

SAN met with both of them on several occasions negotiating the deal to perpetuate his agency to his daughter.  Throughout the negotiations it was clear that the agency, which was a good size in premium for Vermont, had adequate market representation, and also appointment two other companies while the negotiations were continuing with SAN.  At the final point of negotiations, it was clear that SAN had additional markets to offer him, but he did not need them immediately.  SAN needed to know what was motivating him to continue the process.

Clearly Hull was not going to be with the agency forever, however he did want to associate with a group that would help perpetuate his agency and help his daughter continue to grow the agency without all of the problems he had in growing his.  Several years ago the agency had hired a producer who was going to then join ranks with the agency and become a partner and help perpetuate it along with his daughter.  However, because the agency did not have the amount of markets accessible to them at the time, the producer found it very difficult to write business.  The producer then left and joined another larger agency, and continued to write business at their agencyís expense.  For all of those reasons, and the fact that he did not want his daughter to fight those battles, he felt it necessary to join SAN now for the future.

Since that time, SAN has been able to give the agency the additional sub-coded appointments that he was lacking and continues to quote business through Access Plus when necessary.

This is a clear case of SAN being the tool to enhance perpetuation. 

One last note, when SAN had contacted the agency, they were in three quarters of a negotiation to sell his agency to a larger competitor in the region in order to offer stability for his daughter and the ability to continue to offer his clients good pricing and good products.  Because of the SAN relationship he chose to break off negotiations to sell his agency, and thus has continued to be an independent agent with perpetuation to his family.  SAN clearly became the alternative to selling. 

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