Immanuel Insurance Agency
Barrington, New Hampshire

David Goodwin, agency principal.  This agency is located in a small town with ease of access to three of New Hampshire’s larger communities.  David had a life insurance background and bought into the agency several years ago.  SAN approached David many years ago as to the benefits of joining.  However David decided that he did not need an affiliation with SAN, and felt that he could put together the necessary producers and internal staff to attract the quality carriers needed to build the agency.  During that period of time David approached several carriers, each one of them asking for different requirements to receive the appointment.  They needed him to staff adequately and professionally to handle the commercial production necessary for appointment.  He went and invested the money and hired the staff necessary to get the appointment.  He was then told that he needed to have a marketing plan put together, an approach necessary to get the volume to appease the company appointments.  He did put together an elaborate plan, had a marketing strategy, had brochures printed, and had everything available to the companies so he could receive the appointments.  Again, that failed, and bottom line: they were looking for David to replace a couple of carriers in his office so that he could satisfy the volume commitment that the companies needed for appointment.  He truly was in a ‘catch 22’, he had done everything that was possible to receive the appointments, and could not produce the business that he had staffed for unless the appointments to do it. 

After several follow-up calls with David, and he realizing he was going nowhere, he had to join SAN in 1992.  He was truly a long sell and very A-typical of the independent agent looking to do everything they can to remain 100% independent and continue to build their agencies.  What he finally realized was that after all the years and all the expense it took him to do this, he would have clearly been well ahead of himself if had taken the SAN appointment a lot sooner.  SAN was able to secure one company direct appointment and two sub-coded appointments immediately.  Additionally, Immanuel now had access to over 30 markets through Access Plus.

 Willis - Carroon had purchased a very large specialize agency in Rochester NH, approximately 20 miles from David’s office.  In the infinite wisdom of Willis – Carroon, they announced that they would not be renewing any accounts under $25,000.00 in premium.  One of the small account producers, who specialized in the market that Willis-Carroon was abandoning, began looking for a new agency to affiliate with.  SAN assisted David in recruiting this producer by demonstrating to her that Immanuel could compete with any size agency.  She became a producer and was also given the opportunity to own a small part of the agency.  Needless to say, this agency has doubled in size and is continuing to grow!