Gosselin Insurance Agency
Hooksett, New Hampshire

Hooksett is a suburb of Manchester, New Hampshire, the largest city in the state.  The agency is owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Peter and Nancy Gosselin.  They have a storefront location and, up until the time they joined SAN, has been an agent of the Prudential Insurance Company.

Over the years they began to write more property and casualty than life insurance, and established themselves as a good, personal lines insurance agency in the region.  Because of becoming and being a captive agent, the Prudential had gone through many changes over time.  Prior to joining SAN, the company realized they did not wish to be in the P&C business much any longer, they increased their rates and substantially reduced their renewal commissions to 4%.  Obviously the intervention of SAN became a salvation to their agency.

By transferring the entire book of business over the last couple of years, the agency has picked up substantial renewal commissions, expanded new business commissions, profit sharing, excessive compensation, and directly appointed companies to replace the book with overrides as well. What was a ‘sinking ship’ is now a very vibrant, local, independent agent  -  - and a member of SAN.

The scenario with the direct writers is very constant and clear that the access to markets will let them write more business, and in most cases, the commission is substantially higher. 

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