A & K Fowler Insurance Agency, Inc.
North Reading, Massachusetts

The principal is Allen Fowler, and he reopened his agency again after joining with SAN in 1991.

Allen took over his fatherís insurance agency and ran it for approximately 20 years.  He decided it was the right time to sell his agency to one of the larger agencies in the state of Massachusetts.  Allen has always prided himself in servicing his clients, and once the agency was sold, the same standards did not apply to the agency buying the business.  After several months of non-contact with his old clients, he was only to write new business, it became very clear to Allen that he had served an injustice to his accounts, and realized that his accounts that had been in his office for several years were not being handled efficiently.  This was not the way the deal was to be handled, and thus Allen chose to re-open his agency. 

He had heard about the SAN Group from a senior marketing representative who had worked in the state of New Hampshire and had moved to Massachusetts, and thus was put in contact with the SAN people.

Allen is a very strong commercial lines agent and after several calls to many companies, it was evident he could not secure the appointments necessary or even have access to them to write his business.

This was one of SANís fastest appointments.  Allen, after researching several other alternatives, realized that the SAN concept was the best for him.  The contract procedures were very quick; Allen had signed basically from scratch.  Since that time, Allen has approximately 4 million dollars in premium and is now running a very successful property and casualty insurance agency in Massachusetts. 


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