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SIAA is dedicated to the creation, retention, and growth of the local independent agency.  SIAA also acts as a consolidator of member premium to increase agency income and value.




Can SIAA Partners help solve you agency problems?

Yes they can!

  Look over every part of this website and you should agree.



What type of agency does SIAA Partners accept?

We have no absolute agency profile because SIAA membership is comprised of a wide range of agencies. The common thread, however, is that SIAA members want to grow and remain independent.

If that describes you, then SIAA Partners will help you meet your objectives. Many of our Members are smaller agencies in need of markets. Additionally, direct writers, life, and financial service agencies and producers without a vested interest their book, have all found SIAA Membership beneficial.

 Who is SIAA Partners ?

SIAA Partners is the master agency for northwest Iowa, southwest Minnesota, and the whole state of South Dakota. It is a new master agency and located at it's home agency office, Prins Insurance, Inc. in Sanborn, Iowa.  SIAA Partners provides smaller agencies access to markets allowing them to remain in business and grow.  SIAA membership is the perfect alternative to selling, merging, or clustering.

How did the concept originate?

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The SIAA concept originated in 1983 in response to the changes in the independent agency system and turmoil with the insurance markets. SIAA understands that for many local agencies it is impossible to meet volume requirements, keep markets, and survive.

With the Network concept developed by SIAA, a national insurance agency alliance, the local independent agent can now remain independent, keep existing markets while gaining new ones, generate additional income from overrides and profit sharing with no minimum premium requirement. All without having to sell, merge, or cluster.

As a Master Agency with SIAA, SIAA Partners can bring these advantages to YOU! SIAA is dedicated to the creation, retention, and growth of the local independent agency.

What can SIAA Partners give to you?

?Access to more than 10 top rated carriers with no minimum premium requirements.
?The clout to compete in a changing marketplace and industry.
?Individual company appointments.
?Preferred agency contracts.
?Profit sharing and overrides.
?Ongoing development of programs exclusive to Members.
?Assistance with pricing and placement of all lines.
?The tools to rapidly grow your agency.

Are there additional income opportunities?

 Both SIAA Partners and SIAA are constantly negotiating higher commissions, bonuses, and overrides with our carriers and vendors. Several excess compensation and preferred profit sharing arrangements, premium financing and excess and surplus lines overrides are also in effect.

What are the benefits of becoming a SIAA Partners Member?

You will be able to:
?Access more markets, even niche and specialty markets.
?Successfully compete in your market areas.
?Increase your income from profit sharing, overrides, and preferred contracts.
?Grow your agency and significantly increase its value.
?Create a solid perpetuation plan.
?Attract producers.
?Receive direct appointments and still have access to other companies, through Access Plus.
?Remain completely independent while having the stability of a large insurance distribution system to protect and grow your agency.




Ask yourself these questions:

?Is growth a problem for you?

?Are you having trouble getting company appointments?

?Are insurance companies pressuring you for growth?

?Do you receive no profit sharing (or next to nothing) due to low volume?

?Are you selling against banks, direct writers, clusters or larger agencies and not getting the order?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need the answers that SIAA Partners provides.






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