Celtic Insurance Company - Individual Health Insurance

Click on the "Celtic Quote" link to get the actual quote.

1.  you will choose   SD  and then put the  EFFECTIVE DATE   in the date field.

2.  you have to choose  ANYDOC PPO  on the next page in order to get a quote in South Dakota

3.  when the quote is complete -
             highlight everything down to the last number in the quote -  then - file - print - selection - 2 copies -

3.  close the celtic page and you will be here again.

4.  Click on the "Celtic Proposal" link to print the proposal to send to the client

Celtic Quote

Celtic Proposal

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Producer Application

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Note:  Send check & tracking  page to:  Attn: Jon Charney, Celtic Insurance Co, 233 S Wacker Dr. Ste 700, Chicago, IL  60606

Celtic Underwriting Guide