Auto Quoting Notes

Step Number Description
1 If client has no prior insurance - maximum of 1 accident or 2 minor violations - quote Acuity only on the internet - if the record is worse or if they donít know what's on their record, quote Progressive only.
2 If a prospect has continuous prior insurance - quote Progressive first. After obtaining the credit, the quote will be Ultra Preferred, Preferred, Standard, Middle Market, or Non-standard.
3 If client come out standard and clean record, or preferred or ultra preferred and are over age 23, try our standard companies in Priority.† Order score, etc. after you see which company is most competitive.
4 If prospect is under 23 and only has liability, but a good score, try F&C and Greatway with Priority.
5 Note: Farm & City will only do 25/50/25 and one vehicle per policy
6 Note: if a prospect wants to exclude a room-mate, spouse, or child, only quote Progressive.
7 Note: Usually a Progressive quote with Ultra Preferred or Preferred is the only thing that is acceptable with Hartford. Occasionally a Standard is acceptable.
8 Note: If prospect drives more than 10 miles to work or has a teen-age driver, or has more cars than drivers, Midwest Family Mutual is usually the best prices.
9 Note: Austin Mutual requires a homeowners policy of any kind before we can write an auto. HO4, HO6 or HO3 are all OK.
10 Note: Midwest Family Mutual - When you have more cars than drivers...The final†car on the quote has to be the lowest premium vehicle in order to get the 25% discount on the lowest premium vehcile.
11 If the prospect has a teen age driver and newer cars with full coverage, Progressive is usually the last choice because they will only put youthful operators on the highest rated cars.
12 If the Auto policy is getting cancelled from the other company, quote Progressive only.
13 If the Auto quote has more vehicles then drivers be sure and try Midwest Family.† They usually will be the cheapest for this situation.
14†† If the Auto is being used by a daycare provider and used to transport daycare children use Progressive ONLY.† The vehicle used must be rated business.† (This is only for limited miles of transporting, if she does alot of miles of transporting them then we need to†go commerical policy)† If she says she does not transport children we need to feel her out and tell her that if she does use the vehicle even for an exception there would be no coverage.