LD-00400 Company Story

How will we communicate the spirt of the business?

A short story that can be told orally that represents the "essence" of the culture of your company; a customer's experience, an employee's act that demonstrates "the way we do it here."

 Prins Insurance, Inc. Ė Sioux Falls

Maxine Jensen called us for a quote on her automobile and homeowners insurance.  She had seen our advertisement and thought she could save some money on her insurance.  Maxine was not in a good mood. She had just received her renewal bill from her present company and it had increased.  She said she was a mature lady, never had any claims, and thought she was paying too much money for something that she doesnít ever use or need. 

In our information-rich society so many people are ignorant, misinformed, or confused about insurance.  Many people donít even realize that their policies are protecting their major tangible assets against catastrophes and their net worth against liability claims.  Many people see insurance as a commodity, donít understand it, and buy it at the cheapest price.

Much of the problem exists because an insurance policy has between 5 to 20 pages of printed material that is not written in an easy and comprehensible manner for the casual reader.  Even if a person wanted to take the time to study the material, it would be hard to fully understand the coverage.  In fact, there would be more unanswered questions after the study than before.

Prins Insurance provides prospects and clients with proposals of insurance that use explanations and examples in order to explain insurance in simple terms they can understand.  With this understanding they can feel comfortable purchasing the coverage.

Maxine Jensen received a proposal from our agency for her homeowners and automobile insurance that included explanations and examples of each type of coverage.

When she was in our office completing the applications for the policies Maxine said:

                       ďAll these years I thought I was being taken advantage of or for something that I didnít think I needed or would ever use.   I had a bitter attitude toward insurance and insurance agents.   Because of you, I now understand what insurance is about and it gives me peace of mind to know that I am protected if I have a car accident or some catastrophe happens that damages my home and personal property.Ē

Confusion is gone and a feeling of control begins.  Product understanding allows prospects and clients to have peace of mind after purchasing an insurance policy that will protect their assets, their dreams, and their future.

Our competent, informed and caring staff made Maxine comfortable.  She left here knowing she could call at any time with questions and someone would be available to help her.

Some of Maxineís friends have purchased insurance from us recently.  They have all told us that insurance was often a bitter topic of conversation when they all got together. Now, when they understand insurance, and know that it gives them peace of mind, itís always a positive topic.