MG-00501 Sales & Service Agent


Sales & Service Agent Position Contract  (word document)

By and between the Sales & Service Agent and the Operations Manager

Results Inherent To This Position

To acquire and retain long-term, quality customers for the company through the implementation of lead survey, lead conversion, customer fulfillment, and referral lead generation systems in accordance with our marketing message and contractual obligations, so that customers expectations are met or exceeded.

Work Inherent To This Position


1.      Learn and represent all company policies, procedures and systems that have to do with sales and customer service


2.      Complete insurance surveys for new or existing business


3.      Complete insurance proposals for new or existing business


4.      Complete applications for new or existing business


5.      Follow and complete all steps in the referral lead generation system


6.      Check over all applications and prepare them for submission to the insurance company


7.      Complete all service on current policies


8.      Answer all customer and underwriter inquiries concerning policies except billing inquiries


9.      Continue to develop knowledge of insurance


10.  Continue to develop knowledge of the company and uphold the standards therein


11.  Perform general office and cleaning chores  (examples are sorting the mail, taking pictures of houses for insurance companies, clean up the floor after a client tracked dirt in, etc.)


12.  Recommend improved systems, policies and procedures for this position and its function.

Standards Inherent To This Position


Position Specific Standards


1.      All material written, verbal or otherwise is considered confidential and therefore cannot be disclosed without permission from the company.


2.      All requests by you or by others for work to be performed outside of the work described must be approved by your manager.


3.      All duties will be performed in a cheerful, positive, accommodating manner.


4.      All company policies and procedures will be followed.


Company-wide Standards


1.      All work will be orchestrated, documented and quantified.


2.      All work will be performed in accordance with all government laws, regulations, ordinances, and court rulings in those jurisdictions in which the company operates.


3.      All work will be performed according to company policies and standards, as well as in the spirit of the company’s vision and philosophy.


4.      All client materials and information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.


5.      All telephone calls, both internal and external, will be returned within two hours whenever possible, and within one business day at the latest.


6.      Immediate supervisor will be notified of any issues that cannot be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met within a reasonable time frame and before the deadline has arrived.  Employees are expected to take accountability for completing assignments and meeting deadlines so that issues do not remain unresolved.


7.      All systems should be tested and improved by using them.  Any problems or concerns with a system should be brought to the attention of your manager so that the system can be continuously improved and updated in the operations manuals.  Employees performing the work will be asked for input prior to revising existing processes.


8.      Each employee is responsible for their own customer complaint. They will get it handled without turning it over to someone else.  If they need direction, they can get it from other employees, but always try to be the person to solve it with the customer


9.      Employees will embody the spirit of the company’s “rules of the game,” dress code, and facilities code, and adhere to them.


10.  All business communications, whether verbal, visual or written, whether for internal or external use, will be professional in tone and content.  They may be formal or informal, as appropriate to the situation.


Company-wide Behavior Standards


1.      A basic understanding is that we are ladies and gentlemen working with other ladies and gentlemen and serving ladies and gentlemen


2.      A positive attitude will exist with clients


3.      A positive attitude and teamwork will exist with all employees


4.      All prospects and customers will receive a sincere greeting when appropriate


5.      All prospects and customers will receive a fond farewell when appropriate


6.      Smiling is important.  We are on stage all the time we are working with prospects, clients, and underwriters, whether on the phone or in person.  (You can here a smile in a phone conversation)


7.      Proper vocabulary will be used at all times.  Eliminate slang and poorly chosen words.


8.      All employees will be an ambassador for the company inside and outside of the workplace.  Always talk positively with no negative comments.


Position Contract Agreement


I accept the accountabilities of the position of Sales & Service Agent.  I agree to produce the results, perform the work, and meet the standards set forth in this position contract:






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As Operations Manager, I agree to provide a working environment, necessary resources, and appropriate training to enable the accountabilities of this position to be accomplished.






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