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Prey Insurance Services, LLC
Clintonville, Wisconsin

Prey Insurance Services, LLC of Clintonville, WI joined SIA of Wisconsin in January of 2002. Dave Prey founded the agency in 1991. Dave was looking to grow his agency, and met Tom Harrison from SIA of Wisconsin at a regional association meeting.

After Tom explained the concept, Dave decided to join because he was very impressed with the structure of SIAA and excited by the opportunity to have access to additional markets that he needed in order to grow. "For new members, the opportunities and the companies that are provided are what I needed…to grow," says Dave.

Dave has found other benefits and advantages of being a member of SIA of Wisconsin and SIAA. His Master Agency has helped him greatly improve his profit margins and Dave has participated in the many SIAA programs and opportunities available to him, including the Staples Business Advantage Program and the SIAA Advantage Newsletter.

Dave also recognizes the competitive edge he has through his membership. "The ability to run your agency while people you trust are out there looking for opportunities and additional companies is immeasurable," says Dave. "As an independent agent, I appreciate the time it gives me to do things that are important in becoming a successful business."