Knapp Insurance Agency
Knapp Insurance Agency
Helena, Montana

Ken Knapp, President of Knapp Insurance in Helena, MT, started his independent agency in September of 2001 after years of being a monoline agent. His agency became a Member Agency of Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA in December of 2001, with Dianne Hanson and Ted Cogswell signing him up.

Ken joined Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA for many reasons. One of them was the opportunity to be appointed by a number of competitive insurance companies.   Another reason was the support he received from Montana Agency Alliance while getting acclimated to being an independent agent and learning the nuances of each and every company.

“It felt good to join a great team…we felt that Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA were going to be at the top of the insurance industry and we wanted to be there with them,” Ken says.

Ken’s agency has experienced tremendous growth in sales and customer retention. Despite the hard insurance market, Ken’s sales figures far exceeded his expectations and he hopes to add staff as his agency continues to grow.

Knapp Insurance also takes advantage of the many programs available to him as a Member of SIAA, including the E and O coverage and the recently introduced life insurance program.

 “Just when I think we are doing as well as we could, another new program of affiliation comes to us through SIAA,” says Ken. His agency looks forward to other opportunities available to him through Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA.

Ken believes that to be successful you must stick to the fundamentals of the insurance industry, mainly hard work and outstanding customer service.  He combines this belief with the resources, ideas and assistance provided by Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA to maintain his success and agency development.  As 2002 comes to an end, Ken values and celebrates his membership in Montana Agency Alliance and SIAA while looking forward to continued success.

“We feel like a family that is…doing well,” he says. “We look forward with great enthusiasm to the next year and watching our agency grow.”