Charles Schroeck

Charlie has been working at Prins Insurance since 1972.  He is Secretary/Treasurer of the agency as well as SIAA Partners.  He works as the accounting and automation manager for the agency and has years of experience in these areas.  He has been able to make the accounting process and agency automation run smoothly throughout the years of growth.

Charlie has a BA degree from Mankato State College in Mankato, Minnesota.  He also graduated from the Vale Technical Institute of Insurance in Blairsville, Pennsylvania.

With his experience and knowledge of insurance accounting and automation, Charlie will be able to help SIAA Partnersí members with any accounting questions or automation problems.  He will be available when members need him.

Charles Schroeck
SIAA Partners
301 Main St
Sanborn, IA 51248

Phone: 1-800-831-8545