Beauvais Insurance Agency
Winchendon, Massachusetts

Jim Beauvais, agency principal, located outside Boston in a community of about 10,000 people.  He has an existing agency premium volume of approximately a million and a half dollars.  When he was first approached his company seemed to be doing a decent job for him, however he was still finding it very difficult to compete with larger agencies. 

Jimís agency has been located in this town for several years and was very active in the social activities of the community, and thus had access to very many larger accounts such as dealerships and a chain of high-end furniture stores. 

SAN approached Jim through telemarketing efforts in Massachusetts, and we met several times and discussed the opportunities that were available to him through SIAA.  After many discussions he chose to wait and see what the market would bring as he continued to try to write business.  After several months we received a call and the company he had several accounts written with, especially the dealership account which was USF&G, was no longer writing that type of business and had cancelled his agency for lack of growth.  This precipitated Tim to re-contact SAN and finalize the negotiations. 

While negotiating with SAN he realized we could replace the dealership business as well as the remainder of the book of business into another carrier which would do his agency much better than the USF&G.  Also during the negotiations, it was clear that we had an abundant amount of companies which would provide his the ability to go out and rewrite the business that was lost over the years to competition.  In particular, as mentioned before, he did have a chain of furniture stores he could never quote, he since has done that and written the business as well as other dealerships in the area and other furniture stores. 

This has opened up his agency to write business and solicit business where he had not been able to do in the past.